• Apulian masserie, witnesses of history.



Apulian masserie, witnesses of history.

Did you know that Apulian farms, the “masserie”, have a unique history in the world? Originally, they were micro villages, where nobles and peasants coexisted in their daily activities, intertwining personal stories and, sometimes, inevitable contrasts. Self-sufficiency was one of their fundamental characteristics, each farm was meant to be self-sustaining. They were also excellent strategic nodes, especially for the defence of their territory.

Indeed, many of them are fortified or feature turrets facing the sea. However, in addition to their functionality, we can notice a common aesthetic and architectural taste in their stonework, primarily gold sandstone (Carparo) or tuff. Today, these farms are a symbol of southern Italy, vivid and active testimony of what is a centuries-old balance between humankind and nature, of harmony between architecture and respect for the conformation of the territory.


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