• Emotions that become memories



Emotions that become memories

 The magic of the holidays is also felt in the cellar, where there is a strong and ancient flavour of joy, of being together around laid tables. This is a precious time, of concrete evalautions, but also of dreams on which to take root for the year to come.

Each glass is a promise turned to the future, rising towards the sky. Toasts that dialogue with our ancestors, to whom we look back with the pride of those who know they have treated with respect a legacy of nature, dedication and rigour.

There is all this and much more in the customised packages of Masseria Capoforte: a territory that is narrated in the glasses and, at the same time, wines to make one's own, with which to celebrate past moments, but primarily all those to come. You will find them at this link where you can savour a foretaste of emotions and make, always, the best choice.

Best wishes for memorable emotions from all of us.


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